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Plitt, David

Employee representation, information and consultation in the united kingdom

Promotion bei Prof. Dr. Dres. h. c. Hanau




In the recent years information and consultation requirements and the developement of social dialogue have attracted renewed interest as a key to modernising the organisation of work and improving the levels of employement. Firstly, this thesis will aoutline the historical developement, the different concepts of representation , and the consultation and the particular legislative and common law histories associated with them in the UK. Socondly, there will be a detailed analysis of the rights which legislation affords to workers to be represented and consulted on a collective basis by methods other than collective bargaining. Finally, the most recent sets of EU legislation, namely the recently adopted Directive on national information and coonsultation rules, which might have a deep impact on the orthodox representation model in the UK, and the Directive on worker participation in the European Company ( Societas Europea), will be analysed in detail.